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About the Sphere Project

The Sphere Project is a voluntary initiative managed by the International Red Cross, bringing a wide range of humanitarian agencies together around a common aim: improving the quality of humanitarian assistance and accountability to donors, constituents and affected populations.

The project operates internationally, and delivers content in key languages, and to audiences with widely differing levels of web access.

The project

The Sphere Project is the third website Treeline have developed for ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross). The site delivers the key Sphere Project Handbook in multiple languages, and provides a range of interactive tools to allow affiliates agencies to discuss and contribute to the success of the project.

As well as the core Handbook, the site delivers vital resources and training materials, an events calendar and meeting notes, and a set of interactive community tools.

Users can download or order materials via the website, and engage in multilingual discussions and debate about the issues raised.

Each area of the website is managed via Sphere, using our Treeline Content Management System. This allows non-technical editors to easily create content, moderate discussions, and track the project's progress via a simple point-and-click interface.

Treeline also provide consultancy, SEO services, content advice, training, support and hosting to Sphere personnel in their Geneva HQ, and across the globe.

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The Sphere Project is an initiative by the International Red Cross to bring together humanitarian agencies around the world