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About AGRA

AGRA (the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) works to achieve a food secure and prosperous Africa through the promotion of rapid, sustainable grown based on smallholder farmers.

Part-funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AGRA works in Africa's breadbasket areas, providing good seeds and soil, access to markets, storage, transport and finance, as well as influencing policy.

The project

The website provides core information about AGRA, and acts as a single channel for delivering resources and access to grants.
Interactive mapping allows users to quickly access local information, and download information and advice as well as providing regional feedback via blogs and forums.

The site is developed on our Treeline Content Management System, which allows AGRA's non-technical staff to easily manage content, enquiries and partner information using a simple point-and-click interface.

All content is available in a range of international languages, and the site accepts donations and allows AGRA to promote and sell tickets to events, report news and encourage involvement from a wide audience of smallholders, volunteers and strategic partners.

Treeline also provides consultancy, SEO services, content advice, training, support and hosting to AGRA's offices in Kenya and across Africa.

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AGRA is the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, working with the Gates Foundation to achieve food secrurity in Africa.