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About Global AgeWatch

On the UN International Day of Older Persons, the HelpAge network launches the Global AgeWatch Index and Report 2013.

The Index is the first-ever overview of the wellbeing of older people around the world.

Ranking 91 countries and covering 89% of people over 60 in the world today, the Index brings together internationally comparable data on older people's income, health, education and employment, and how supportive they feel their environment is.

The project

This is the second version of the Global AgeWatch site developed by Treeline, following a successful launch of the original index in 2011. Global AgeWatch is part of the family of websites we have developed for HelpAge International

HelpAge has worked with Treeline for five years, and we have developed over a dozen websites for single campaigns and petitions, regional or language sites, fundraising and Facebook campaigns.

The Global AgeWatch features a strong new design and a highly visual treatment of complex data, most of which is imported from an external database. The CMS then parses the data and automatically generates great-looking, highly detailed charts, graphs and tables.

The automatically translates into over 40 languages, including non-European characters such as Chinese and Arabic.

With exceptional SEO built-in as standard, this is a bold and confident website for an important campaign, and has achieved brilliant media coverage for a charity with a truly global reach.

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